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Smartphone Communications for Connected Hospital Teams

Medxnote’s unique blend of patient-centric messaging and ease of use helps you connect instantly with colleagues and provide faster and safer care to your patients.

Replace Hospital Pagers

Say goodbye to cumbersome and outdated pager technology. Medxnote lets you use the smartphone you already love for clinical app-based communication.

Instant Team Connections

Use the global hospital Directory to find anyone, create Teams for group messaging, find Favorite colleagues, and easily capture and send images.

Smarter, Faster Messaging

Track every message with audit trails, reply quickly and easily with smart ISBAR / SBAR compliant message templates, and maximise the speed and efficiency of your communications.

Privacy & Data Security

Separate your personal and professional communications while keeping your personal phone number private. Messages stay private and secure, protecting you and your patients' privacy.


Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Enterprise Technology

Medxnote is designed and built to medical-grade security standards, with comprehensive data compliance features to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). The Medxnote platform makes it easy for IT managers to deliver safety, security and ease-of-use:

Built in Data Compliance

The Medxnote platform uses database encryption and TLS to ensure privacy between the client and the server. All data is secure in transit and at rest and is stored in compliance with local data retention policies and legislation.

Complete User Management

Medxnote provides easy onboarding of users and supports Single Sign On (SSO), including AD and LDAP integration. Users can be easily added and removed by administrators, with fulll communication auditing for built-in compliance.

Enterprise Deployment & Support

Medxnote can be set up in a matter of hours for immediate deployment with none of the headaches of traditional clinical systems. Our apps are simple to use and require little or no training. When you need help our support team are always there.

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